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The Best Blinds For Your Business Office

Window coverings in an office or commercial setting should most importantly control the light for your work conditions, they should also be user friendly and durable so that they last the test of time and they should also look attractive in your office environment.

Light Filtering Blinds

Light filtering roller blinds, or screen roller blinds are functional and stylish with the durability to last. They provide energy efficiency, visual comfort and allow as much natural light into a space as possible while controlling heat and glare, and maintaining the user connection to the outside world.

Light filtering sheer blinds also offer:

  • Increased comfort for workers and patrons by blocking up to 95% of UV rays in some cases
  • Lower interior heat gain and cooling load due
  • Decrease fading and cracking from UV degradation
  • Protection of valuable merchandise as no one can see in
  • Eliminate glare on computer screens
  • Privacy as they cannot be seen through from outside.

Dual Light Filtering

Dual light filtering and blockout blinds are ideal for conference rooms, media rooms and multiple purpose rooms. Media is a part of everyday routine in our high tech culture, office spaces, school classrooms and meeting rooms

Light filtering roller blinds manage glare for personal screen use very well, but a group media or conference room calls for blockout blinds as well. The blockout blinds ensure full light control is possible.

Combining light filtering and blockout blinds in a single window will provide the answer for rooms that need both darkening and ambient light control.

Our commercial screen and blockout fabrics have the durability and texture to control the light in virtually any scenario and provide an aesthetically pleasing outlook.

Aluminium Venetians

Aluminium Venetians used to be the standard for offices, and for good reason.

You can control the direction of light with a twist of a wand. They’re extremely affordable and durable, which means your money goes even further. These days Venetian blinds are so much more attractive than the Venetians of old.

They are now stylish, sleek, and beautiful.

Honeycomb or Pleated Blockout

Honeycomb or Pleated blockout blinds are cellular blinds that are available in both blockout and light filtering.

The cell in the blinds traps air within each cell, creating an effective insulation barrier.

They also offer excellent light and temperature control. These are the best window blind in the industry for insulation and will save you up to 30% on your energy usage.

The metallised lining within the blockout cells provide superior insulation, keeping the office warmer in winter and cooler in Summer, which will of course reduce your footprint.

The honeycomb pleated range of blinds offers four configuration options including Standard/Bottom Up, Top Down/Bottom Up and Skylights. All these can be motorised or hand controlled.