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Norman Australia Plantation Shutters

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Norman Australia Plantation Shutters

Delux Blinds are a proud provider of the Norman Australia Plantation Shutter range.
Norman Australia Plantation Shutters are the best in the business and has the Woodlore range that is the world’s most used plantation shutter.

But thats not all, There is the Woodlore Plus range for wider widths, the Woodlore Plus Waterproof range for bathrooms, Brigthwood for a light weith timber option and Normandy for all your stained timbers, black and greays to suit any interior design.

Norman Australia Plantation Shutters are a timeless and long-lasting window treatment rising in popularity here in Melbourne, and it’s easy to see why. They’re durable, easy to clean, and straightforward to operate with complete control over privacy and light.

Plantation Shutters will assist in reducing your engery comsumption and offers a range of privacy and light control options.

This must-have window furnishing for your home includes options made and manufactured right here in Australia from the highest quality components and timber grown in Northern Queensland.

Norman Australia plantation shutters include an Easy Tilt system and full motorisation of the shutter blades.


Operate your shutters effortlessly via voice control, smartphone app, or remote, making them perfect for hard-to-reach windows or tech enthusiasts. Integrated solar panels extend battery life for months, while anti-jam technology halts the motors if it detects an obstruction, ensuring safety for small hands or paws. Learn More Here.


Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality, featuring a honeycomb shade fitted behind the frame of a shutter for excellent blackout, enhanced insulation, and noise proofing.  This is perfect for a bedroom to block all the small light gaps that do come with a Plantation Shutter.

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Features and Benefits

Norman Australia Plantation Shutters are versatile when it comes to design, available in a number of stains and colours to match any décor, and they’re among the most functional and easy-to-use options on the market.

If you’re considering plantation shutters, you’re bound to benefit from this list:

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    Experience Energy Efficiency

    As they block out heat-producing light and insulate against the cold during winter months.

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    Gain Better Light Control

    Than other options including curtains by regulating the light in your rooms.

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    Create a Boost in your Home Value

    By installing permanent window furnishings that potential buyers are bound to love.

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    Low-Maintenance and Time-Saving

    As most simply wipe clean with dust or damp cloth on an as-needed basis.

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    Insulate Against More than Temperature

    With shutters that also help dampen road noise

Norman Plantion Shutter Products

We Offer a Wide Range of Norman Australia Plantation Shutters – Woodlore, Woodlore Plus, Woodlore Plus Waterproof, Brightwood and Normandy.

Reasons to Buy

  • Timeless design, style and functionality of timber shutters
  • Woodlore and Woodlore Plus shutters are made from sustainable wood, grown and processed in Australia, proudly supporting Australian forestry and manufacturing industries.
  • Industry-leading 5-Year ‘No Questions Asked Warranty’ that covers a one-time repair or replacement for life’s little mishaps.
  • Norman’s shutters are the highest standard of craftsmanship and design.
  • Over 20 different paint colours for the Woodlore Plus and Timber ranges
  • LVL Core provides a more structurally sound shutter compared to other shutters on offer.
  • 180-degree bi-folds, bay windows, sliding doors and standard windows
  • Comes with the Norman invisible Easy Tilt louver system. No unsightly “hidden” tilt rods.
  • Finished with a hardwearing, medical-grade polypropylene finish.
  • Resistant to scratching or chipping, cracking or fading, staining, and heat damage.
  • Thermal insulation, light and privacy control
  • Naturally renewable and able to regenerate. Wood creates healthy living conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Plantation Shutters in Melbourne.

Most are made from either wood, faux wood or metal (such as aluminium). These different materials also allow for different homeowners with different budgets to take advantage of the style and functionality of plantation shutters at different price points.

Plantation shutters are unique from other window treatments, especially blinds, in how they operate. The shutters are made with slats, or louvres, that are fitted to a frame that is attached to the inside or outside of a window sill.

The louvres are designed to be operated by hand or can be motorised. The frames themselves can be operated like doors with hinges, allowing them to be fully opened rather than retracted.

Why Delux Blinds

We work closely with our clients, suppliers and manufactures to deliver the best outcome. Delux Blinds selects the Best Suppliers and Manufactures so you can be confident you have choosen the best with Delux Blinds. No matter what your window needs might be, Delux Blinds is the solution for indoor blinds, plantation shutters, outdoor blinds and curtains.

Australian made products using high quality componentry backed by warranty.

Delux Blinds Team
Delux Blinds Team

Normans Woodlore Plus

Woodlore Plantation Shutters

We use only the best products when it comes to plantation shutters. With our partner, Norman plantation shutters, we’re happy to offer Woodlore shutters, which are the most popular in the world.

These provide a great balance of affordability and quality that customers can rely on. In addition, various product lines:

  • Long-lasting good looks with trouble-free operation
  • Safe for children and pets
  • Available in a fully waterproof option called Woodlore Plus Waterproof for wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens
  • Comes with high-impact resistant materials and remains strong and durable in all conditions
  • Made from sustainable engineered wood products grown and processed in Australia
  • Finished with a hardwearing, medical-grade polypropylene finish resistant to scratching, chipping, cracking, fading, staining, and heat damage.
  • Available in many colours including customised options
  • Includes the Norman invisible Easy Tilt louvre system with no unsightly hidden tilt rods.
  • Comes in five louvre blade size options of 47mm, 64mm, 76mm, 86mm and 114mm
  • Includes a 5-year manufacturer warranty where even if you break it, we will replace it.

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Aluminium Plantation Shutters

Our aluminium shutter range comes with stainless steel internal fixings, a must that provides long life for custom shutters fitted outside on balconies or deckings. They are commonly used for balconies, pool and BBQ areas, outdoor voids, and outdoor screening. Additional options include:

  • Installation options for U Channel, Hinged, Bi-Fold, and Sliding options for outside doorways
  • Available in both 90mm or 115mm Aerofoil Louvers
  • Can be Dulux Powder Coated with the colour of your choice

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The Right Choice For Your Plantation Shutters

With over 25 years of experience and a series of proven partnerships, Delux Blinds is Melbourne’s go-to supplier and installer for plantation shutters.

Whether you choose a true timber product or opt for aluminium, we have the products that can meet your needs when it comes to privacy, light control, and design.

We offer all clients a free 45-minute consultation to get things started. From there, you can expect to receive a detailed quote based on your exact measurements and interests within 48 hours.