Why Choose Us

Delux Blinds aspires to give you the freedom to create your vision for your indoor window furnishings or outdoor blinds. Our task is to ensure you receive a great outcome and experience along the way.

Welcome to Delux Blinds

We love seeing the smiles on our homeowners and project managers’ faces when the outcome is the vision they set out to achieve and implement for their new window furnishings.

No matter what kind of window you have, Delux Blinds consultants will guide you through all the pros and cons of what product will suit your windows the best. We can help you with all of your requirements to ensure your window furnishing investment is long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing, insulating, motorised, or just something to blockout the light!

Delux Blinds will make your window furnishing choice easy with our selection of new innovative products, designs, fabrics, and materials ready to display in your home or office.

Please give us a call on 0455 213 761 to talk about how we can help you.

Or come and visit us in our main showroom at 2/95 Bedford Rd, Ringwood East.

Company Overview

Delux Blinds is a family-owned business. Our talented and experienced personnel have over 20 years of rich knowledge on Indoor and Outdoor Blinds and Awnings in homes, investment properties, commercial projects, health facilities, education facilities, and aged care residents. Having experience with all these types of properties allows us to provide great advice on what will work well for you.

Delux Blinds offers high-end knowledge and experience to ensure you receive the best window-covering products backed by superior services and installation for indoors or outdoors.

Delux Blinds have been successfully helping and supporting customers from South Yarra to Bonnie Doon, Mt Eliza to Whittlesea, and beyond so you can be assured that your location will be fine with us.

Our Diverse Clientele includes Private Schools, Medical Facilities, Commercial and Residential Developers, Real Estate – residential and commercial Residential renovators, and new home builders.

Company Mission

Delux Blind’s mission is to be your essential partner for window coverings and shading systems. We aren’t just here for a once-off, our aim is to build a relationship with you to provide you with lifelong support. We guarantee that our second-to-none communication, amazing installation team, exceptional product range, innovative solutions & ideas, will be a superior fit for your project.

Client Value

Delux Blinds is just the right-sized company to offer personalised service and attention, but we still have the resources available to meet and exceed our client’s needs and expectations. Our exceptional suppliers also support us and you with this.

Our company’s continued success is due to the high standard of customer service, and workmanship. This is verified by written testimonials, many repeat clients, and our unique 7 Point Client Satisfaction Guarantee.  If you are looking for quality and integrity in the trades you hire, and you would like to experience the peace of mind that comes knowing you have the right blinds and awing provide behind you, that are ready to go when needed, with the security of a written guarantee then you’re in the right place.

We Will Provide

Delux Blinds will provide you with clear communication, superior service, quality products, and an
expert consultant along with:

  • Complimentary 1-hour Consultation

    In-person consultation with clear communication on product advice and solutions

  • Guarantee

    12-month workmanship guarantee

  • Exceptional Installation processes

    Completed on-time and as discussed

  • Highly Detailed Quote

    Highly detailed quote based on what was discussed in the consultation

  • Innovative Solutions

    Detailed product information, solutions and ideas

  • Aftercare

    Care Instruction Letter on maintaining your indoor or outdoor product with Ongoing Aftercare Service

  • Warranties

    3, 5 or 7 year fabric and product warranties

  • High-quality Products

    High-quality products with 5 to 7-year warranties

Fast Install

  • Delux Blinds guarantee turnaround in 7-12 days – from manufacture to install on roller blinds in off-peak times and 15 to 20 days during peak periods.
  • Roman Blinds, Venetians, Honeycomb Blinds, and Panel Gliders are only about 2 weeks from order.
  • Sheer Curtains are 4 to 5 weeks at the longest times and Planation Shutters will be installed between 10 and 11 weeks from the date of deposit and order.

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Why Delux Blinds

We work closely with our clients and our suppliers to deliver the best possible outcome. No matter what your window needs might be, Delux Blinds is the solution for indoor blinds, plantation shutters, outdoor blinds and curtains.

Australian made products using high quality componentry backed by warranty.


Delux Blinds will provide you with clear communication, superior service, quality products, and an
expert consultant along with:

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