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  • quality fabrics for all designs
  • stylish
  • energy saving / enviro freindly
  • custom made
  • blocks heat in and out
  • fire retardant fabrics
  • 5 year fabric warranty

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Window treatments can look great while also performing necessary functions, from adding privacy to your home to helping to insulate your spaces from extremes in temperature. When it comes to these features, perhaps no window treatment is more effective than honeycomb blinds. These come in a variety of colours and styles that can fit any budget while also meeting your more practical needs. Plus, they are more versatile than other options on the market today.

Delux Blinds uses only high-quality honeycomb products backed by warranties that homeowners love. We have the largest selection of window coverings available in Melbourne, with innovative options for any shape or size window.

Not sure where to start. That’s no problem at all. Our experienced team offers 45-minute consultations for free that include quotes so you can narrow down what you like and come away with a budget in mind.

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What are honeycomb or cellular shades?

A form of indoor blinds, honeycomb shades get their name from the distinct shape of the material, which creates separate geometric pleats that can resemble a honeycomb. Also known as cellular shades, since the pockets of material create individual cells or pockets, this design is functional as well as amazing looking. 

The pleats in the shades that give them their geometric shape serve to trap air at the windows. This has an insulating effect that can help regulate the temperature in your home and even reduce your heating and cooling bills. 

This energy efficient options for your window treatments can also provide a large degree of privacy with light filtering and opaque material options and no holes for light to filter in through. Options for top-down or bottom-up functionality give you control over how much light to let into a room. There are also options to motorise them using remote controls or smart phone apps. 

Should I invest in honeycomb blinds for my home?

Honeycome shades are a very popular residential blind option among homeowners, and with good reason. They come in a variety of colours and material options, so you will be sure to find one that matches your design aesthetic. Homeowners love the flexibility and privacy that these shades offer, with the ability to control how much light enters the space through material selection as well as controlled operation. Many honeycomb shades come with layers upon layers of fabric to create the cellular shape and add style to the shades themselves. 

If you are looking for blackout options, you can also find them in honeycomb blinds. You can choose from different light diffusion levels with room darkening and blackout options for any room’s unique needs. 

If your concern in insulation, you can choose from a variety of insulating options including single, double, and triple cell construction. Not only will these protect against extremes in temperature, but they also help with noise reduction if you live in a busy or louder neighbourhood. They also come with different cell sizes, with smaller size cells working better to insulate smaller windows in a home. 

Are honeycomb shades difficult to install?

Not in the least. In fact, they’re a compact system that is designed for easy installation. That’s not to say you shouldn’t rely on the experts for your installation, since they’ll be able to ensure a level mounting and proper functionality based on years of experience.

That said, cellular shades are typically installed as an inside mount within the frame of the window, although options are available for outside mounts as well. Just be sure to specify your needs when ordering. Mounting brackets are used to secure the shade to the window frame, with the proper number provided in your installation kit. With the mounting hardware in place, the head rail of the shades can simply snap into place. The shade can now be lowered and raised to ensure that everything works great.

Frequently Asked Questions About Honeycomb Blinds in Melbourne

Absolutely. You can order your shades in a variety of colours, fabrics, materials, sizes, and operability options to create a truly custom look for your home. In fact, most installations for honeycomb blinds are considered custom since they are measured specifically with your windows in mind.

You may find that your new shades require occasional dusting since the pleats can welcome dirt and dust to rest on their edges. Aside from this, you should not need to maintain your honeycomb shades.

There are options for lift and lowering available depending on your needs and most often work by raising the blinds from the bottom up. These are typically battery operated, so you don’t have to worry about wiring or consulting with an electrician for the installation. Not all blinds can be motorised, so if this is important to you, be sure to mention it during your consultati