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Sheer curtains, also known as sheers, are a unique way to add softness and style to your space without the drab or darkening effect that so many other types of curtains can cause. These light-filtering fabrics are designed to create ambience and elegance without leaving you in the dark or fully exposed to the great outdoors. 

When it comes to window coverings, no one understands the different styles and options better than Delux Blinds. Our expert team can help you design customised sheer curtains based on your colour, track, and style needs, no matter your space or your budget. 

At Delux Blinds, our designers are ready to put together window treatments that reflect over 25 years of experience and connection with the latest trends. You’ll always get the best advice, installation, and performance when you choose to work with our team. 

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Why go sheer with your window treatments?

Many people use window treatments as functional and designer friendly options to add character and aesthetic to their homes. Sheers are a great choice for this since they are lightweight and light filtering, not obstructing too much of the light that is essential for brightening up your spaces. 

Sheers are great in areas where privacy is not paramount since they diffuse sunlight and let daylight in while providing a minimal level of privacy. They can also be paired together with other window treatments, making them a very versatile option in residential and commercial settings. You can hang them with other curtains for a layered look that gives you more privacy. Or you can go modern and hang them over plantation shutters to add texture to your spaces. 

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Are sheer curtains a good choice for my space?

Sheer curtains come in a variety of colours and styles, making them a popular choice for nearly any space and any design aesthetic. You can create a softened backdrop in nearly any area of your home by adding sheers to your windows. They can be paired with blackout curtains to optimise light control and temperature during the day and night hours as needed. 

They’re also versatile when it comes to the different styles. You can find sheer curtains in either s-fold or pinch pleat headings, which can completely change the look of the curtains as they hang from a rod or track. S-fold curtains have a softer wavy look to them, while pinch pleat curtains are bunched together to give a more formal or traditional look. 

Sheer curtains are a great choice when layering window treatments. They’re also much more private than you might think. Linen and voile panels are designed to filter light but make it hard for people on the outside to see into your home during daylight hours. 

Do sheer curtains take a lot of time to install?

This depends slightly on the type of hardware that you’re using, but in either case, sheer curtains are typically straightforward to install. You’ll need to have, or purchase, either a rod or track system to hang the curtains from. A rod is the easier of the two to install since it just requires brackets at either end for the rod to suspend from. The curtains are then hung with rings or slid into place using a gusseted pocket in the curtain itself. 

Track system are a little more complex since they require the track to be affixed to the window casing or ceiling above the window itself. From there, the curtains are installed using hooks in the track that suspend them and make them easier to move into opened and closed positions.

Depending on the type of mounting hardware you’re installing, sheer curtains can take just an hour or so to hang per window. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Sheer Curtains in Melbourne

Can I use sheers with other curtains in my space? 

Absolutely. In fact, sheers make a great option for pairing with everything from blackout curtains to roller blinds. This can help you control the level of light in your space without sacrificing on style. You’ll just need to let your window treatment professional know you’d like to layer your sheers so that they can be sure to quote you for the right hardware for installation. 

Am I sacrificing privacy by choosing sheer curtains?

You certainly don’t have to. Sheers already provide daytime privacy by filtering in light while giving you privacy from the outside. Of course, when it comes to night time, you will want to have a back up plan, which is why sheers pair so well with other window treatments. Many customers choose to go with a layered approach to indoor blinds that gives them options for privacy and options for texture and movement as well. 

Can they be automated?

Depending on the hardware and track you choose, yes. You can opt for motorised tracks that come with remotes and allow you to operate the open and close function of your sheers from anywhere in your home.

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