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The 2023 Window Furnishing Trends

2023 Window Furnishing Trends have arrived, so let’s have a look! Add some trending elements to your windows and make them beautiful. But, don’t let the word “trend” worry you, we have something for everyone. Our featured products will provide style and function for your windows for years to come.

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Organic Textiles

Organic materials are being widely used in the industry to create colours, textures and fabrics this year. 2023 window furnishing trends include bamboo, linen and woven woods in their natural form. The texture and vibrant colour of these materials will take your look to the next level.

Smart blinds and curtains are very safe as they remove the need for chains and cords which have been a choking and strangling hazard for children and animals in the past.

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Smart Home Activation

The future is now with smart home innovation. More and more clients expect their window furnishings to work in collaboration with their smart home system, and we can make that happen. Motorised blinds, drapery and shutters can deliver a seamless experience throughout your home. Better still, set automated blinds, curtains or shutters to a schedule and see how the atmosphere in your home improves without lifting a finger. This year add a wi fi hub to your motorised blinds, curtains or shutters and enjoy all the benefits.

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Luxury Roller Blinds

Treat yourself to an old favourite, Roller Blinds. Rollers offer a variety of stunning colours and trendy textures. Old just got new again. Roller blinds help in many tricky situations, they provide comfort by blocking bright light OR offer a view-through to the backyard. In a situation where you’d like options, the dual roller blinds is our go-to solution! The 2023 window furnishing trends include Designer Roller Blinds, with lots of luxurious fabric options to compliment your home!

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Try Layered Fabrics

For this fresh look, try layering drapery and screen blinds to create a sophisticated finish for your windows. Besides looking beautiful, layered fabrics provide the privacy, energy efficiency and light control you need to keep your family comfortable. Need ideas for the perfect combination, simply chat to one of our experienced consultants today and ask for a complimentary in home consultation.

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We all want products that last and sustainability is an important quality when improving your home. It all begins with responsible manufacturing and recycled materials. In the realm of window furnishings, customers are making informed choices and demanding excellent quality and durability along with energy efficiency and protection from the elements. Honeycomb blinds offer excellent insulation for windows and can help to keep those electricity costs down

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2023 Window Furnishing Trends: What’s Your Favourite?

The 2023 window furnishing trends are great motivation to start in the window covering process. Remember not to sacrifice style when choosing your favourites, we can fit your windows with incredible style and also address issues such as light control, insulation and privacy. Visit our showroom, or schedule a Complimentary in-home consultation, so we can see your project first hand. Improve the look and feel of your home today!