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What do you need to consider when organising blinds for your construction project?

The most important thing to consider as a builder/developer when considering window furnishings for your build is to organise a consultation with a blinds company as early as possible in the build process to ensure your options, ideas and goals can be fulfilled.  Certain products such as motorised blinds and pelmets are ideally included in the planning phase of a project to achieve optimum results.

Benefits of having a window furnishings consultation early in the build process:

You can save costs associated with electrical fees for motorised blinds and built-in timber pelmets by including them in the initial build and not after the build is complete.

Angled windows have limited products that will work with them and this is good to think about and plan for early in the build.  There is always a solution, however, it’s best to know your options beforehand.

Windows up high and on stairwells may need to be motorised due to their height and again this needs to be planned for in the initial stages of the build.

Additional Benefits

Delux Blinds offer advice and can help you and your customer with a proposed costing to cover the windows of your build which will help with maintaining your budget.  The difference in price between plantation shutters to a basic blockout roller blind can be $500 or more per window.  As window furnishings are one of the last projects completed in a build, many people do not leave enough in their budget to create the look and feel they envisioned for their home.

For basic roller blinds, it’s important to discuss whether each window will need double roller blinds – blockout and privacy screen blinds or blockout roller blinds only.  Privacy screen blinds are required in bedrooms that face onto roads or neighbouring properties and these are also suggested for windows that get full sunlight at certain times of the day.

A builder that includes window furnishings as part of their project/build has a unique point of difference to other builders and construction companies that do not offer this service.  It helps your customer immensely and helps with your overall project.

If you are a builder or construction company looking to include blinds or other window furnishings in your projects then talk to us today.