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Building a New Home? Why you should consider Smart Blinds?

The newest development in home building and renovation is automation.

Smart Blinds use technology that allows you to move blinds or curtains up and down, open or closed with a push of a button or through voice activation from your Wi fi hub. You can now control your blinds and curtains from your tablet, smartphone, google home and Alexa.

Pricing is now much more affordable for automated blinds and curtains with the development of new technology. All types of window furnishings can be automated including roller blinds, curtains, outdoor blinds, awnings, honeycomb blinds and plantation shutters.

Benefits of Smart Blinds and Curtains


Smart blinds and curtains are extremely convenient as you can close them or open them without even getting out of bed. With the touch of a button on a remote-controldevice or speaker you can tilt, lift or lower your blinds, curtains and shutters. It’s the ultimate convenience for your window furnishings. Motorised blinds will save you considerable time in large homes and offices by pushing a single button instead of having to adjust each blind by hand.


Smart blinds and curtains are very safe as they remove the need for chains and cords which have been a choking and strangling hazard for children and animals in the past.

More Benefits of Smart Blinds and Curtains

Energy Efficiency

You can program your sheer blinds or curtains to respond to changes in temperature. For example,when the temperature inside the house reaches a certain level your blinds or curtains can close to reduce heat inside the home and save energy on cooling the house down.

Motorising Existing Blinds and Curtains

If you would like to motorise existing blinds and curtains in your home this can be achieved through smart home automation kits. Simply call Delux Blinds for a complimentary consultation and quote. Not all existing blinds and curtains can be automated, so it is best to get the help from a professional and have a consultation to see if this can be achieved