Blinds for Schools & Universities

Delux Blinds has extensive experience in providing blinds for schools & universities and Tafes throughout Victoria and Melbourne. Weather it is a Primary School, Kindergarden, Private School or big University we will provide the best product suited for any budget. We offer new products, servicing, maintenance and safety checks on all indoor and outdoor blinds and shading systems.

Blinds for schools & Universities needs a lot of knowledge. Delux Blinds knowledge is in providing tailored window covering solutions for classrooms, media rooms, science labs, gymnasiums, offices, and staff rooms. Not sure what you need to solve your issue, we will!
Delux Blinds will help you get the best solutions for your facility at the best budget.
We match the most durable and quality product to suit the best orientation and functionality for each of the window settings whilst also taking into consideration cost-effectiveness. Our products are easy to maintain whilst also being user-friendly.

Blinds for schools & Universities

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Blinds for Educational Facilities


Delux Blinds attach a child safety restraint to all of their blinds and window coverings that have control chains on blinds for schools & univesities. This ensures the safety of all children and abides by the ACCC and Australian Building Codes. We also have blinds with non chain for operation, these are a wand controlled motorised blind which ensures there are no chains hanging where safety is concerned.

All employees at Delux Blinds hold a ‘Working with Children Check’ to ensure we offer your school a child safe environment.

Save Energy and reduce Costs in School Buildings for blinds for schools & universities.

Installing blinds and awnings in your school buildings can reduce heating, cooling and lighting costs. Blinds and awnings can help to reduce heat gain in the Summer whilst blinds fitted internally can also help reduce heat loss during the winter.

Translucent blinds fitted internally can help control light levels and harvest natural light for classrooms, meeting rooms, media rooms and offices. This enhances children’s learning environment whilst reducing energy costs and the school’s energy footprint.

Blinds for schools & Universities

Why Choose Delux Blinds

The products most suited for schools, University, Kindergartens and early learning facilities are roller blinds in either sun screen fabric or blockout fabric. Blinds for schools & universities are the most benefical window furnishing for any educational facility. These products are extremely cost effective, suit UV Ray requirements by Education department, and provide a safe and comfortable learning environment. For outdoor we would suggest Fixed Guide Awnings either motorised or spring operated and Auto Awnings with auto locking arms to be lowed and secured at any height. Both of these Blinds and Awnings for Schools in Melbourne, will provide safety, energy savings and climate control for better learning.

We offer a free consultation and quote that involves providing advice and suggestions to provide solutions for protection from UV radiation or in a lockdown situation as required in the Education Policy documents. Our clear, professional and detailed quotes allow for an informed decision to be made by yourself and your team.

Service Level Agreements

We offer all schools a Service level agreement whereby we will service and maintain all window coverings in the school and repair any broken blinds on a continual basis. Please contact us for references from the current schools we work with.

Blind Manufacturing Association of Australia

We are a member of the BMAA which ensures you are receiving excellent customer service and quality products that are made and manufactured in Australia.

Advice & Samples

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Our Services Include

  • Free quote and measure
  • Repair on existing coverings
  • Wireless software setup
  • Supply of window coverings
  • Removal of old window furnishings
  • Free sample viewing
  • Care instructions for all products sent to you in the mail
  • Installation of window coverings
  • Motorised equipment
  • Spare parts and accessories

Blinds for School & Universities Options

Expand your vision: Navigate through our window furnishing gallery and enhance every space with school and university-inspired designs.


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Why Delux Blinds

We work closely with our clients, suppliers and manufactures to deliver the best outcome. Delux Blinds selects the Best Suppliers and Manufactures so you can be confident you have choosen the best with Delux Blinds. No matter what your window needs might be, Delux Blinds is the solution for indoor blinds, plantation shutters, outdoor blinds and curtains.

Australian made products using high quality componentry backed by warranty.
Delux Blinds Team
Delux Blinds Team


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