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The Best Window Furnishings For Your Bay Windows

Curtains for Bay Windows

Bay windows easily make a room feel larger and more connected to the outside world whether it is a cozy window seat, a view of the mountains from a luxurious living room, or a sunny nook in the kitchen.

Window furnishings for your bay windows can cause alarm for some as it is three windows with angles joining them together.

However, we have ideas and solutions for you to cover your bay window whilst also enhancing its look and design.

Other curtain fitting options in bay windows could be hung on the wall above the bay window outside the bay itself as per the image on the side.

This can work well if the design of the bay window projects out of the wall. It not only blocks the light, but it can also create a little private area on the bay window seating area.

Or if the ceiling line flows into the bay window a track can be mounted on the architrave itself, or directly off the ceiling.
This option can provide a full look and produce the illusion of a higher ceiling in some scenarios.

Remember, curtain track motors are now an affordable item which can save money over the life of the curtain, which come from less maintenance required. Corded tracks need re-cording and parts replaced or the curtain fabric needing repairs or replacing due to being pulled itself.

Roman Blinds

You can save costs associated with electrical fees for motorised blinds and built-in timber pelmets by including them in the initial build and not after the build is complete.

Angled windows have limited products that will work with them and this is good to think about and plan for early in the build.  There is always a solution, however, it’s best to know your options beforehand.

Windows up high and on stairwells may need to be motorised due to their height and again this needs to be planned for in the initial stages of the build.

Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds are a simple, effective, and versatile option for bay windows. As per the image on the side, double roller blinds featuring blockout blinds and screen blinds can give the bay window, privacy day and night and light control day and night.

They allow the window to be unobstructed and let the greatest amount of light in as the fabric simply rolls up and out the away allowing a full view of the outside. Please note this occurs when fitting the roller blinds to the face of the architrave. If the roller blinds are recess fitted into the window recess, they will take up window coverage at the top of the window when open by about 100mm.

Like Roman Blinds a slight light gap will be created where the blinds meet at the corner of the bay window.

A very affordable and great option now for Roller Blinds is motors. Motorised roller blinds can come as the traditional hard-wired, rechargeable battery-operated motors and solar charged motors. These can be all RTS operated via remote control or linked via wifi to your home operating systems including Google Home and Alexa. Your motorised roller blinds can also be operated remotely via an APP on your smart device.

Plantation Shutters

Timber Plantation Shutters make an excellent solution for bay windows and our most favorite from the great effect it can have internally and externally.

Our Plantation Shutters are timber from either Basswood or Poplar Timber which ensure great structural integrity than PVC for a longer period. The timber plantation shutters can be custom built to any shape and size which is why they are so great for bay windows or angled windows.

The Timber Plantation Shutter is a stylish timeless finish to any window whilst offering great light and privacy control.

Motorised plantation shutters are now available which enables for the blades to open and close or all the blades to slide up out of the way opening up more of your window.

This is a whole new area so please call if you want more information.

Honeycomb Cellular Pleated Blinds

Honeycomb or cellular insulated blinds are one of our favorite blinds for a number of reasons.

The insulation properties provide added support to the environment as it reduces your need for heating and cooling. They look great and stylish. Easy to operate via a chain, cord, or motor.

We have provided cellular honeycomb pleated blinds on windows as wide as 3.2m with a drop of 3.4m.

Honeycomb blinds don’t only sit nice and tight together around corners and on bay windows, they stack up out of the way to open up more of your window when open. On most occasions there may only be 1 or 2 between each blind.

They can be motorised or used with a cord or continuous chain operation. Motorised honeycomb blinds are now also more popular for home automation and big wide windows.

The main reason we love them is that they provide insulation from heat and cold, which saves you money on your energy bills and more importantly on the environment.