Vertilux Fabrics

Vertilux realised from day one that top quality manufacturing is one thing, but what you manufacture from is quite another.

Their success has come from sourcing the highest quality, most interesting and innovative fabrics from not just Australia but all over the world. All Vertilux releaised their fabrics are required by customers to be engineered to ensure that warpage, fading, resistant to bacteria and moisture are all taken care of. The Vertilux fabrics are designed to regulate natural light, screen UV rays and glare, provide cost effective insulation in every architectural environment to ensure the balance of ambient light, privacy and exposure are factored in to each design. Vertiluxs range offers Trevira CS® and Polyester FR Healthcare and Hospitality fabrics, that are Anti Microbial and Flame Retardant, and meet both the function and strict design requirements for your hotel, resort, hospital, health clinic, lifestyle living and medical practice fabric needs.